Dispicable Me 2

It was not so long ago that a new crown would be placed upon another head at the Darby & Joan club in Weasley Bottom constituency. Once long bottom recently told me that his mother was backing him to be elected and after considerable tea parties that received weak brews decided to venture out and form his own assembly. I found this very strange to digest. Here is a party that his bigger than your average skyscraper that anyone would dream about holding and he gives it up. There was no running for the position for a prince verses a porper, it would not make sense to the Mother. So why tell the story? Teacher said he would never amount to anything and was a compulsive liar. Perhaps this could explain things or was the little boy still in the playground trying to impress to gain a friend. His 2nd story out our coffee cup meet was well worth several hundred million. Fantasy Island holidays each year are a get away from reality.


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